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New Beginnings
As of September, Luis Martins will be moving on to a new tattoo studio. He will be joining the team at Ritual Arts in Portland Oregon. For information regarding unfinished work or future tattoos please contact Luis at We wish him the best on his new adventure on the west coast.

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The three of us, Christian DiMenna, Luis Martins and Laura Usowski, opened Lovecraft in January of 2005 and it’s been a pleasure to come to work ever since. It’s what we’d always wanted, a clean, cozy tattoo shop where most every tattoo is a custom design; a place where we can push ourselves in new, creative directions all of the time.

We opted not to hang any flash designs in the waiting room, we’d rather design everything ourselves. No two people are exactly alike, nor should their tattoos be. People’s idiosyncrasies and quirks are what make them interesting, and their tattoos should reflect this.

The process of coming up with cool, one of a kind designs day after day can be daunting. It requires a lot of inspiration, perspiration, intuition, compromise, and problem solving skills, but the end result is really gratifying for both the client and the artist. Tattooing this way is ideal: our clients get the time and consideration they deserve, and we never get bored at work because we get to make good art every day. Our customers trust us to help them to externalize things that are going on inside of them, and we don’t take this trust lightly. It’s an honor to be a catalyst for this kind of indelible self-expression. There’s nothing more satisfying that exceeding a client’s expectations, blazing new trails, trying new things, and sharpening your skills in the process.

Thanks to all of our amazing clients, for your support, your cool ideas, your trust, and your hilarious stories. Business is booming and we’ve never had so much fun at work. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 8pm

Walk-ins welcome, appointments preferred.
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